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New Book Release
Here's what people are saying...

"An important and hopeful book about the power of
God's love in healing the broken."
Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author 

A victim of sex trafficking finds a loving relationship, but will she be able to fully give him her heart? When Lyndie Johnson is snatched from a life of security and forced into a world of unspeakable horrors, she is paralyzed by fear until she finds the courage to save a young girl.

She desires love and acceptance, but shame and unworthiness cause her to run from love. Struggling to not be defined by her horrible past, Lyndie discovers how God brings beauty out of brokenness. Shattered Innocence is a story of depth and simplicity amidst unpredictable twists, turns, a dash of romance, and the heights of redemption.

Meet Dejah

"Everyone needs to know they are deeply loved by God."

Dejah brings authenticity and compassionate understanding from the depth of her personal experiences with pain.  Having attained a masters degree in Biblical Counseling and Education, she is also the author of Mama I Want To Be Like You and Honor Yourself You Are Highly Favored and Loved. Dejah’s passion as an inspirational speaker is to proclaim the healing power of the Word of God. Dejah, her husband, Ron and their two dogs live in Yucaipa, California.

“I want to commend Dejah Edwards for offering the message of this book to bring comfort, consolation, and confidence rooted in God’s Truth and Grace.  He’s the Healer of broken hearts and the Answer to life’s

deepest questions.”


Dr. Jack W. Hayford

Chancellor, The King’s University

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